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This year the RDGHA has a group of volunteers who have accepted very specific tasks that are important to the Association.  These people have volunteered their time to help out and have taken on various responsibilities. If you have a specific question pertaining to something that these people may be able to answer, do not hesitate to contact them.  If any parent wishes to volunteer their time, please feel free to contact the President or Secretary.  We might have a job just right for you.  You can write to the RDGHA at:  147 Dunlop Crescent, Russell, Ontario, K4R 1B3 or by email below.

President:  Ken Hoogsteen    Mail

Vice-President: Gerry McKenna    Mail 

Secretary:  Pat Staal    Mail

Treasurer:  Dawn Carrière    Mail

Registrar:  Darlene Bouwhuis   Mail

Ice Convenor:  David Kemp   MAIL

Director of Development:  Chris Risto    Mail

Director of Public Relations:  VACANT

Director of Corporate Sponsorship:  Jan Sullivan    Mail

Directors at Large:  Alain Legere
                           Chet Holterman   Mail

Equipment Manager:  Michel Carrière    Mail

Webmaster:  Michel Carrière    Mail