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Russell and District Girls Hockey Association (RDGHA) 

The Russell and District Girls Hockey Association (RDGHA) is a volunteer organization whose members share in the love for the sport of hockey; are dedicated to the progression of player skills and development; and hold to a true spirit of community. Its goal is to provide a program for young women ages 9 to 20 in the Russell and district area to develop hockey skills and important social and leadership skills, and to expose them to concepts such as fair play, team building and trust.  For additional information concerning the RDGHA contact Ken Hoogsteen at 445-3971.

Russell and District Girls Hockey Association (RDGHA)  

La Russell and District Girls Hockey Association (RDGHA) est un organisme bénévole dont les membres partagent leur engouement pour le hockey, sont dévoués à la croissance des aptitudes des joueuses et au développement de ces dernières, et croient fermement en une véritable solidarité locale. Cet organisme a pour but de fournir un programme à l’intention des jeunes femmes de 9 à 20 ans dans la région de Russell en vue de leur permettre de perfectionner leurs aptitudes en hockey et d’importantes aptitudes sociales et compétences en leadership, ainsi que de se familiariser avec divers concepts, comme l’esprit de jeu, l’esprit de corps et la confiance.  Pour obtenir de plus amples renseignements concernant la RDGHA, communiquez avec Ken Hoogsteen au 445-3971.


The Russell and District Girls Hockey Association (RDGHA) is part of the Ottawa District Women's Hockey Association (ODWHA) with member associations in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. The ODWHA in turn falls under the jurisdiction of the Ontario Womens Hockey Association (OWHA). The governing body of hockey in Canada that oversees all female hockey is Hockey Canada. Information concerning the RDGHA can be found at the bulletin board located in the Russell Arena, from our website, or from any executive member.

Message from the President (Mid-Season 2004-2005)

Well it’s mid-season and I want to congratulate all the players, coaches, managers, parents and fans for your success and support.  The success of female hockey is due to your effort and enthusiasm for the game.  You only have to read a newspaper, magazine or watch television to witness the phenomenon called female hockey.

Not to rest on our laurels, the Ottawa District Women’s Hockey Association (ODWHA), aware that success brings challenges and growing pains, has decided to study the current state of female hockey.  A committee has been set up to review the issues facing female hockey and to come up with a  "vision" or blueprint for the league over the next few years.  A blueprint will allow the league to remain successful and to continue to meet the needs of all members.  I have agreed to sit on this committee to add a rural perspective on issues.

A few of the issues we will be examining include: team skill and level evaluation (team placement); tiering at the house league level; alternative divisional or league format for outlying areas; travel distance for house and competitive leagues; officiating (consistency, recruitment, training and development issues); volunteer base (scarce and aging core volunteer base); and intermediate and senior female hockey.  The committee will report its findings including options and recommendations to the ODWHA Executive and Presidents Council this summer.

I am aware that some of you may have definite views on these and other issues, and I encourage you to let me know of your thoughts via e-mail or by phone.  I am also interested in knowing what you think is working well so we can continue doing the right things.

I encourage you to keep up-to-date by visiting the website, checking out the bulletin board at the Russell Arena or by calling any member of the Executive. 

Continue to have a great hockey season,

Ken Hoogsteen

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The President's Message from season 2004-2005
The President's Message from season 2003-2004.